And God Saw it Was Good

the Christian story of creation in a delightful rhyming book for children.

Published April 2019

Matthew the Mouse returns with the True Tale of Easter passed down by his father.

Tommy the Tuna

A delightful rhyming story of a fish who decides he wants to meet a girl on the beach who is playing in the sand. 

Published May 2018

"Matthew the Mouse" is a delightful story about a mouse who lives in a hole in the ground but the rain has forced him to look for another home.  It is a humorous rhyming book about his adventures in his search for a new home.  It is available at in both hard copy and digital.

Published June 2017

The biblical story of Jonathan, son of King Saul when he leaves his frightened men and with the help of his armor bearer and the help of God overpowers the enemy.

Published May 2019

A whimsical rhyming book for very young children telling that God made the Earth and all that is on it.

Dear God Can I Talk To You?

"Dear God, Can I Talk To You?"

An engaging story about how a young boy learns how to talk to God.

Published September 2017

Matthew The Mouse

A delightful rhyming story of Jonah the prophet's eventful trip to Ninevah to tell the people God's message.

and Puppet Scripts

The Mouse and the Miracle

Exactly Where You Belong

In today's world where so many children are growing up in homes without their natural parents, or only one parent, this book reassures them that God placed them in exactly the right place.

Published March 2019

Children's Books

All Things Possible Publishing

Three Men and An Angry King

The Bible story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and the fiery furnace. King Nebuchadnezzar tries to order them to bow down and worship his statue but they refuse because they worship the one true God.

Published April 2019

The Mouse and The Miracle

An exciting, rhyming Christmas story told through the eyes of a mouse who witnessed the birth of Christ and passed the story down through the generations.

Published November 2017

Will I Know You When I See You?

A young child wonders what Heaven is like and asks Jesus a lot of questions.

Published April 2019